There are 2 lead times to consider for every order:

Fulfillment and transit times

The fulfillment process includes the following:
importing orders from an integrated online store, packaging, and leaving a package ready for
carrier pickup. NEN has a maximum lead time of 2 business days to achieve the above. This
means that if an order is received by NEN on Monday, it will be ready for pickup by Wednesday
at the latest. If an order is received by NEN on a Friday, it will be ready for pickup by Tuesday
of the following week at the latest, and so forth.

Under exceptional circumstances, such as but not limited to:

unexpected order fulfillment volume surge, shortage of fulfillment staff members, software or
technical issues, and/or connection issues for your online store, this lead time could be extended
with or without previous and formal notice. In addition to the 2 business days for fulfillment, you
need to consider the*estimated transit times for the order to be delivered by the carrier. NEN is
not a shipping carrier, and thus we rely on the carriers below for our shipping operations on
behalf of the NEN store:
– USPS Domestic (US): estimated of 3-7 business days.
– UPS Domestic (US): estimated of 3-5 business days.
– GlobalPost (International): estimated of 10-14 business days.
– DHL Express (International): estimated of 3-4 business days.

*This is an estimation provided by the carriers, and thus it is not a guarantee. Therefore, the
transit times may be shorter or longer based on several logistical factors such as weather, work
force shortage or strikes, order volume surge due to holidays, etc.

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